Why we need Operational
Excellence (
OpEx) solutions?

Nuoseklūs įgyvendinimo ir pokyčių valdymo procesai


Understand Customer Expectations

Deliver upon expectations: right quality and timely product or service



Material Waste, Productivity, Working Capital, Time, Energy, Yield, Capacity


Morale, Motivation, Engagement, Clear Priorities, Effective Leadership, Systematic Activities, Common Language Ų Processes, Best Practices Implementation, Problem Solving

Are you asking these or
similar questions?

Our company must:

  • Have clear strategy purposefully implemented by all organization?
  • Develop effective leadership, motivated and engaged employees?
  • Understand better and fulfill Customer needs?
  • Improve quality, work safety and environmental protection?
  • Find more time?
  • Optimize costs?
  • Improve equipment operational effectiveness?
  • Reduce material waste?
  • Receive less customer complaints?
  • Perform better, faster and cheaper?
  • Create continuous improvement culture?

Great! You already made first steps towards Operational Excellence

Tailor Made Solutions

Understanding the company’s needs, business situation and organizational culture

Tailor made solutions designed to meet specific company needs and situation. Developed based on accumulated knowledge, pragmatic methods and many years of practical work experience



Vision and strategy deployment and organizational development through targeted management and „Lean“ methods and processes:

Long term vision and strategy development, revision and team buy-in

Strategic initiatives priority setting, clear accountabilities and implementation disciplines deployment

Organization, training, processes and detailed planning

Regular implementation progress reviews, required support, adjustments and improvement

Continuous organizational coaching, training and depoyment processes improvement


Leadership & Employees
Engagement System

Organizational culture development program designed to:

Deploy continuous improvement strategy

Develop leaders

Engage every individual

Create continuous improvement culture

Deliver desired business results


Management System

Practical and integrated set of tools & methods to standartize company’s Operations Management System to achieve Processes Excellence and Zero Loss state

Based on proven & selected TPM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools & methods


Manufacturing Formula
for Results

Carefully selected fundamental methods to develop Manufacturing  management processes, critical capabilities and standards:

Safety management

Daily Steering Routines

Operator managed Maintenance (Settings, Cleaning, Inspection and Equipment Defects)

Product and process quality management on the shop floor

Progressive Maintenance (Breakdowns, Planned & Predictive Maintenance)

Planned Production activities (Brand change, Cleaning and etc.) standardization and improvement

Problem Solving capabilities development (problem solving / root cause identification methods)

Organization: purpose, roles and accountabilities, organizational structure


Rimvydas Pundinas

Operational Excellence Coach

Experienced Executive in Operations, Manufacturing and Operational Excellence management

Significant senior management work experience in global company (Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland). Assignments related to operations management processes, their optimization and continuous improvement culture development

Years of Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System and Lean 6 Sigma approaches and methods studies and practical application

Trained by globally recognized experts

Practical experience sharing visits in world class manufacturing organizations

Laura Gerrits-Gedvilė


Laura Gerrits – Gedvile is a master in developing Holistic Management. She is a people person, who helps the top management find the new inspiration and meaning in leading their teams through the journey of improvement. Change does not happen in isolation it requires structures and discipline that span through all organizational levels, departments and break the organizational silos. Laura has a talent and a passion for creating those structures and discipline that become the backbone of meaningful and lasting change. Laura works as a Holistic management Coach in Lithuania, Scandinavian countries and the UK.

Education:  MSc in Lean Enterprise” (Buckingham University, UK), BSc in Commercial Law & Economics (CBS Copenhagen Business School) „ICC Certificated Coach Education“.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, and Danish.


Vilma Nasteckienė


Vilma Nasteckiene has the ability to spot the small but important details and understand the whole systems that can only be compared to an X-ray. When most of us need multiple company visits and weeks of thinking to understand an organization, it seems that Vilma only needs a few days to understand the complex operational and management processes of any organization and to point out the key risks.

The many years of observations and practice have helped Vilma develop a clear understanding of how the fields of risk management, strategic planning and daily management processes can and should be integrated. After spending more than a decade in an international financial services company, in 2011 Vilma joined the IMPROVEMENT team, where she helps service and manufacturing companies develop sustainable Holistic Lean culture and practice. 

Vilma shares her thoughts on risk management here: www.rizikosmenas.lt

Education: Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, Weber State University, the USA, BI Norwegian Business School. Certified risk manager (AT31000).

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

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